Each week at Let’s Go Canicross we run a variety of group runs. Some during the day and some during the evenings. Some on weekdays and some at weekends. Catering for most people’s needs and availability.
The group runs are all about getting us out together, exploring more of the playground we have available to us on our doorstep and meeting other like-minded people and their dogs.

As an England Athletics Run Leader, I’m there to ensure we all stay together, have fun and encourage and support you through your trail running adventures with your dog. We run at a comfortable, social pace to ensure we support all runners in the group. Our group runs start at 5k, so ideally you will have been able to comfortably run that distance before joining.

For those starting out in Canicross for the first time or those who have never run before, do contact me as we run a Couch to 5k programme that can take you from 0-5k in 8 weeks.

When you attend one of our classes, you should wear appropriate kit to run the tails. Ensure you wear a pair of trail shoes with a suitable grip and we would recommend that you invest in a lightweight rain jacket. If the weather is particularly warm, the welfare of the dogs always comes first, so we may either postpone the class, change the time/location of the class as well as reduce the pace of the class to avoid the risk of your dog overheating.  

A Coastal Group Run

Your dog must be fully grown before they take part in Canicross. This is typically around the age of one-year-old, but may vary as dogs mature and grow at different speeds. Do not feed your dog at least 1-2 hours before or after a class as this may predispose them to bloat which is particularly common for larger/deep-chested dogs. Seek advice from your vet if in any doubt.

All participants need to be in Canicross specific kit (don’t worry if you are not sure about this, just ask me and I’ll let you know what’s required) and ideally, you will have had some Canicross experience prior to joining a group run. You may have attended a Taster Session with us or have run Canicross elsewhere.

Taster Sessions

Please inform me when you sign up for a class (and before a class commences) if your dog has any issues or conditions they should be aware of. This is for the well-being of both your dog and other attendees.

We head to various locations, through varied terrain and are in the elements, so come prepared for all eventualities with regards to the weather! We are in North Cornwall after all! For more information or to book in please contact me at hello@letsgocanicross.co.uk or via Facebook or Instagram.